Monday, June 12, 2017

Episode 21: The one about long nights, diving deep into abyss, and game discounts

Episode 21 is here!

In this one, we gush about our recent play through of Dead of Winter: The Long Night, go through our Gencon event schedule, and talk about the future of our podcast.

In addition, we give our thoughts on what makes Abyss such a great game, the ways in which we think Ethnos could be improved (though we still love it!), and the controversial topic of buying games at a discount.

Recently Played (00:15)

News (11:54)

"it" Factor (30:09)

Game Changers (42:48)

#culture (56:52)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode 20: The one all about CMON Expo

Join us for our special 20th episode, all about CMON Expo!

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire (02:50)

Swag Bags (15:24)

Kronia (19:34)

Council of Four (29:10)

Massive Darkness (37:17)

Ethnos (45:45)

TL;DR Wrapup (1:00:49)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Episode 19: The one about CMON Expo, Elysiums, and Marvel

Join us for our 19th Episode!

Since it's been a while, we talk about what we've been up to outside of games (mostly Marvel stuff!), and run through recent plays of Sagrada and Trajan. We give our thoughts on the expansions for Between Two Cities and Dead of Winter; talk about what we think makes Elysium a great game; and a quick preview of CMON Expo.

Off the Table (00:15)

Recently Played (11:14)

News (20:57)

"it" Factor (32:25)

#culture (46:15)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Episode 18: The one about clever dice and reprints vs. new editions

Join us for our 18th Episode!

We run through of our recent play of Mechs vs. Minions; go on and on about the Gloomhaven Kickstarter; talk about our favorite uses of dice in modern games; and ask the question of "When is a reprint actually a new edition?".

We also introduce a new segment (now called "Design Thinking") where we talk about the design of a game, ways it didn't work for us, and how we think it could be improved.

Recently Played (00:15)

News (05:43)

"it" Factor (18:48)

Design Thinking (34:00)

#culture (51:54)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episode 17: The one about terraforming mystics, iconography, cults of the new

We're happy to bring your our 17th Episode!

Listen on to hear what we've played recently, all things Terra Mystica news, the use (misuse?) of icons in games, and the dreaded cult of the new.

About Us (00:28)

Recently Played (05:22)

News (16:40)

"it" Factor (37:36)

#culture (53:03)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Episode 16: The one about Iron Fist and social gaming

A little late, but we're back for Episode 16!

About Us (00:15)
A quick discussion of video games we've been playing ... plus a lengthy discussion about why we didn't like Iron Fist.

Recently Played (11:45)
Together, we played Blood Rage. Separate, Jeremiah played Guilds of London and Jeff played Anachrony.

News (24:16)
Cool Mini or Not has announced a new FLGS program; and there's a new expansion for Scythe called The Wind Gambit!

"it" Factor

We don't often gravitate towards "Social" games, but we do talk about some that we like (and don't like).


Related to the topic of social games, we talk about playing games with people who don't normally play games.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Episode 15: The one about rising suns, gloomhavens, and intellectual properties

We ended up off-track last week, so we went the extra mile to go back to schedule with Episode 15!

About Us (00:15)

Our newest segment, about what we've been doing outside of the world of board games. In short, Jeremiah has been playing some Zelda: Breath of the Wild; and Jeff just wrapped up a third playthrough of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Recently Played (10:14)
Several games played between us, but the star of the show was Gloomhaven.

News (19:28)
The GAMA trade show brought lots of new goodies. But we can't help ourselves to talk about anything other than Rising Sun.

"it" Factor

Games have timers in many different ways. We talk about several games that manage to do timers in creative and fun ways.


Intellectual properties are everywhere. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their use in board games.