Monday, January 9, 2017

Episode 10: The one about 2016 and 2017

2017 is officially here and so is our newest episode. In our 10th episode, we change things up a bit to do a look back on 2016 and look ahead to 2017 for all things gaming.

2016 Podcast Stuff (00:15)
We look back on where our podcast started and some of the things we've been able to do over the past half year.

2016 Games (06:38)
Restoration Games (from the great Rob Daviau) announced its first three games: Stop ThiefDragon Master, and Downforce.

2016 Events

2016 was great (for games). We talk about Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, Scythe, and Mechs vs. Minions, among many others.

2017 Events (40:47)
Looking ahead to Gencon and Cool Mini or Not Expo, and how we plan to cover them differently.

2017 Games (47:49)

So many good games coming out. It's looking like the year of the legacy games with Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, Charterstone, Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, Chronicles: Origins, and Gloomhaven. Plus a few other non-legacy games of note!

2017 Podcast (1:09:22)
What's we're planning for our podcast.


  1. Hey guys! I like the idea of posting videos of live play-throughs while Jeff is still around. I feel like most of the ones I find currently are either a single person playing alone or a group where many individuals are too camera shy, but it sounds like you both could make a good one. Another idea for after Jeff goes to Canada, you could do something on how to successfully do long distance gaming, like any good websites that simulate board games, good apps, whether skyping a game works, etc. Just a thought. :)

    1. Thanks Friend! I like those ideas! We really want to still game with each other while Jeff is in Canada and will definitely try some online things before he leaves to check their viability. I got the go ahead to make a section of my new basement into a board game podcast recording and video area! That means videos shouldn't be too far off now.
      Thanks for listening!