Monday, September 19, 2016

Episode 3: The one about the ending of a partnership and women in gaming

In our third episode we finally begin our standard format that most of our podcasts will follow. Timestamps (+ descriptions) below, if you want to skip to any section(s) that appeal to you.

Recently Played (00:15)
Where we run through our recent games of Mythos Tales and Thief's Market

News (09:03)
Our reaction to the recent big news in board games that (surprisingly!) has nothing to do with Asmodee acquiring a new company

The "it" Factor (19:37)
An in-depth discussion of one of our favorite game mechanisms: Coop-repetitive (whatever the heck that is)

2-Player Review (27:35)
How well does Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction plays with just two people?

#culture (40:17)
Where you can listen to two dudes stumble their way through a delicate discussion of women in gaming

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