Sunday, October 2, 2016

Episode 4: The one about Mechs vs. Minions, the use of apps, and punishing difficulty

In our fourth episode we continue our quest to deliver great all-around content about everything tabletop. Timestamps (+ descriptions) below, if you want to skip to any section(s) that appeal to you.

Recently Played (00:15)
Where we run through our recent games of Brass and Yggdrasil

News (09:13)
Jeremiah gives his impressions of the newly released Sushi Go app ... and of course we have to talk about Mechs vs. Minions!

The "it" Factor (20:06)
Our discussion of difficulty in games, and why games that can be punishingly difficult can still be some of the best gaming experiences ever.

2-Player Review (31:55)
How well does Evolution: Climate (and Evolution) plays with just two people?

#culture (47:15)
With the recent release of Mansions of Madness 2.0, we run through the highs (and lows) of board games that use digital apps.

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