Sunday, October 30, 2016

Episode 6: The one about Halloween, roaming mechs, and the power of hype

In our sixth episode, Jeff and Jeremiah talk about what we've been up to recently (game-wise), what we think the best game(s) to play on Halloween are, and the power of (or problems with!) hype.

Recently Played (00:15)
Jeff rambles on about his recent play of Clank and Jeremiah talks about Celestia.

News (09:13)
The guys go into a bit of detail talking about a game out on Kickstarter: Medici: The Card Game

"it" Factor

Jeremiah and Jeff each give their pitch for what they think the best game to play on Halloween is.

2-Player Review

After a recent playing of Scythe, Jeff and Jeremiah are ready to give their verdict of this game, specifically for its viability with 2.


Hype is a funny thing: It can rocket a game to the top of the BGG hotness, wildly increasing sales ... but it can also leave many players disappointed in its wake. What do we think of it?

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